Arizona Wholesale Growers offers a large range of plant varieties for any residential or commercial project, from cacti and succulents to ornamental shrubs and trees.


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  • Superstition Mallow
    Abutilon palmeri

  • Mulga Acacia
    Acacia aneura

  • Guajillo (Shrub)
    Acacia berlandieri

  • Guajillo (Tree)
    Acacia berlandieri

  • Leather leaf Acacia (Shrub)
    Acacia craspedocarpa

  • Leather leaf Acacia (Tree)
    Acacia craspedocarpa

  • Cat claw Acacia
    Acacia greggii

  • Weeping Acacia
    Acacia pendula

  • Low boy
    Acacia redolens

  • Willow Acacia
    Acacia salicina

Red bird of paradise
Bush morning glory